Cheshire cat characterization essay

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  • Single Parenting
  • Divorce
  • Substance Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Relocating Residence
  • Reliant on Welfare
  • Seminars for Individual Families/Groups
  • Mentoring
  • Quarterly Conference/Ministry
  • Opportunity to Engage in Community Outreach
  • Entrepreneurial Enhancement
  • Come grow with us by attending one of our quarterly conferences.
  • Refer us to a family in need.
  • Your donations will help to meet the needs of those we support.

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Cheshire cat characterization essay

To provide support through partnership and meet the needs of families through referral, service and information that are provided in an atmosphere that fosters HOPE.

Our Vision

There is a shared vision of prosperity out there that unites us in our social action shared by all despite our diverse backgrounds and cultures.  It is a vision of prosperity that encompasses a life with choices, and the privilege to exercise them.  It is our desire that families are aware of all the resources and support available to them as they step out on faith.  It is our desire to let them know that they are not alone.  It is a vision of access to the basic level of shelter, food, healthcare and safety that simple humanity deserves.  It is a vision of opportunities for the kinds of education, training, social roles and spiritual life for oneself and one’s children, which many people are denied.  Finally, it is a vision of partnerships where each person’s unique understanding of the world is respected and valued by all others, including those who exercise power.  A sense of possibility and wholeness that enable individuals to set goals and go after it!

Our Seminars

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